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Here at Leicester Drains we know how annoying it can get to find out you have a blockage. Now you only have a few options and none of them are fun for the average home or business owner. Firstly you should know that most common house hold blockages are due to build ups of fat and oils that over time have been left to it’s own devices and has subsequently now blocked your pipes and therefore the water flow through your drain.

So what can you do about a blockage? Well you could try and tackle it with household cleaners and products but these products will struggle with your more stubborn blockages, not to mention the harmful adverse effect they have on the environment. Secondly you could tackle it physically, but this is hard to do on your own without ripping up existing pipework and that’s if you can locate the blockage in the first place. Not to worry though. We cover All Leicester Locations. 

We speak to some customers who have already called a plumber out and had to pay a hefty call out charge just to find out the plumber didn’t have the right tools for the job. Don’t waste your time or money and call the professionals first! there’s no call out charge and we’re open 24/7 365 days of the year which means there’s never been a better time to get a blockage in Leicester! Call today and speak to one of our friendly advisers.