Maintenance of Drains

Preventative drain maintenance is a cost effective way to ensure your drains, toilets, urinals, grease traps, interceptors and pump stations stay as clean and as fully operational as possible. It helps to avoid blockages that can result in damage to property and stock, risk from flooding, the costly expenditure and of course the obvious inconveniences causing a disruption to your day.

Leicester Drain Unblocking provide a bespoke preventative drain maintenance schedule to protect your work place or property from unnecessary damage, expenditure and disruption.

Preventing a Leicester blocked drain scenario before it occurs can save you a lot of time and money, not to mention any damage that can be caused to your home by a toilet back up or flooding. There are a number of services that can be carried out to your property such as CCTV surveys, which can investigate your drainage system and pinpoint any areas that could cause problems in the future.

There are also a number of thing’s that can be done at home which can significantly help reduce a blockage, such as ensuring you have disposed of all food waste in the bin and not flushing any other material than toilet roll. These simple things only take seconds to do and can stop you from needing to call out a professional in the middle of the night when you are faced with an inconvenience. 

  • Scrape all food waste into the bin before washing dirty plates
  • Pour boiling water down the sink if any fatty substances such as oil and grease have been washed down
  • Keep your garden tidy and make sure any leaves/debris are kept away from drains
  • Purchase a shower hair trap to stop any hair from clogging the drain
  • Dispose of nappies, cotton buds, wet wipes etc in the bin- do not flush

Blocked Drain Leicester – Tips For Maintaining A Clean Flowing Toilet

Blocked toilets aren’t a fun time for anyone, whether you’re a D.I.Y. ace or you’re the type of person who likes to leave the dirty jobs to the professionals, there are a few things we could all manage to do that’d save us money and ultimately time. Our D.I.Y. hero who doesn’t call won’t the professionals until it’s too late can be spending just as much or even more on call outs than someone who’d leave even the smallest easiest task to a professional through fear of making it worse. This is because even though you’d like to think that no job is too big or small, in reality some jobs are. Leave it to us to sort out a blockage anywhere in the Leicester area.

Whilst you may not be able to sort out everything yourself there are a few tips and helpful practices to help you prevent call outs and identify whether you have an issue with your toilet.

Firstly, even though it may sound obvious some, the most useful tool in identifying whether you have an issue with your toilet is in the sound of the flush. Any funny or unusual sounds when flushing the toilet could be caused by an obstructed water flow and would need to be checked out an diagnosed properly. Luckily most of these problems are much cheaper problems to do with the flushing mechanism and not the pipe work. Whilst that may be the case, don’t ever rule out a more serious problem without a professional opinion as leaving this could be disastrous.

Secondly, we encourage people to try their hardest to maintain a strong and healthy flush motion on their toilets as reduced pressure if left can also lead to big problems, this is why Blocked Drain Leicester recommend acting with haste when it comes to all problems with drains as 9 times out of 1 this will save you money and effort.

Any more questions? feel free to call a member of our friendly office team to see what we can do for you today?