What do I do if my toilet is blocked? 2/2

What do I do if my toilet is blocked?

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A sink or pipe snake for your clogged drainsIf your home is not equipped with a plunger for the toilet. Our experts highly recommend that you equip it with that straight away. Most small blockages can be resolved with the use of a toilet specific plunger. There is some confusion towards if a plumber pushes or pulls at the blockage. But the truth is that it does both.

When using a plunger there needs to be water in the bowl enough to cover all the edges. And a the plunger needs to seal tightly to work best. If your plunger is stiff and doesn’t want to seal. It helps to use warm water, either in a bucket or running it under the tap.

Be careful when using it as not to splash bacteria infested sewage water onto the floor. Also, always remember to clean with a strong detergent afterwards. We recommend bleach. Which you can leave on the floor to work its magic for a while before washing again with soapy water.

Use a pumping and pulsating motion to dislodge the block. Once clear, flush the toilet a couple of time to ensure that there is free flow.

If your block is persistent. Use a pipe snake to work at the issue. If you don’t have one you can also use an old wire coat hanger. Unravel it and shape it with a small hook at the end. Take great care if you do use a wire coat hanger. Avoid scrapes and scratches on the inside of your toilet and pipes.

Other good ideas to put into action is pouring boiling water down the drain. For mild blockages this is a good and environmentally friendly way. As opposed to using strong chemicals to dissolve the clog.

If none of these suggestions work. It’s time to get in touch with a plumber and drain clearing service. It’s important that a block is not left. There are many households which are equipped with more than one toilet. But closing the door and leaving it to fester is a recipe for disaster. Serious health risk and malignant bacteria thrive under these conditions. It’s always better to resolve the issue immediately, either by yourself or by calling a drain unblocking Leicester service.

Keep attentive, and tackle any toilet drain issue as quickly as possible as it starts to show. That way you will rarely find yourself faced with a blockage you cannot sort. Never use the toilet for sanitary products or earbuds and make sure there is a bin in your bathroom so the temptation is removed.