CCTV Surveys

Sometimes it is necessary to inspect and survey drainage pipes. This can be done effectively by using the blocked drain Leicester CCTV camera equipment to identify any problems within the system or to check the condition of the runs.

There are several advantages of a CCTV drainage survey carried out at your home or place of work, some of which include:

  • Saving Your Business Money – Any future problems will not cause a disruption if you will do regular drain camera surveys
  • Inspect without digging – When we use CCTV technology to investigate the drain situation you are able to save money by saying no to big excavation works
  • Identify Problems – Solutions that suit you will be provided after pinpointing the problems your pipes and drains are facing
  • Home Buyers CCTV Survey- before you move in to a property, it’s best to find out the current condition of the drainage system so you don’t face any unwanted surprises when it comes to moving in

The specialists have invested in the latest state of the art drain camera equipment, which allows us to show you live footage whilst the CCTV drain survey is in progress. Once completed, the team can supply you with a printed report detailing any problems found. This includes all images captured by the drain survey and details of any faults. The footage will put on a DVD for you to watch on your computer or DVD player. Any recommendations for remedial works will in the report and Leicester Drain Unblocking can also provide a free quotation to complete the drain repairs or maintenance if needed.

Prevention Drains

By preventing the problems you could incur from damaged drains you will save money on your drain bills in the future. It’s always best to do a drain survey and ask an expert to give your drains a once over so that you do not end up wit enormous drain bills further down the line.

Don’t get caught up with the big bills and the inconvenience. Call the state of the art drain expert today to rid you of all your drain problems.